Everything you ever wanted to know about the new Elastic No-No Band album
MY 3 ADDICTIONS, but never bothered to ask.


Wow, that doesn't sound quite so awful after all. Why are you streaming the album on a blog?

My friend Zach thought it was a good idea. (He also thought I should just put the album up for free download here and call it a day, but I've spent a wad of dough on making this album -- and I also fetishize musical objects like CD's and records -- so there will be CD's, and they will be for sale.)

A blog, however, can be a much better experience than just a context-free CD. It can be an interactive, participatory experience (i.e., you can leave eloquent comments). You can add a lot of links and doodads, like this. A blog can give you a real narrative of the album, and I don't mean like
the explanation of what the fuck The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway is supposed to be about.

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