Everything you ever wanted to know about the new Elastic No-No Band album
MY 3 ADDICTIONS, but never bothered to ask.


Where do all the sweet-ass pictures come from?

I'm not gonna lie. I scavenge the internet for images and just put them up when I find them. But some of the best snaps on this blog were taken by our piano player Herb Scher (self-portrait at left)

A freelance shooter for Urban Folk, Herb also currently has a show of Antifolk portraits up at the Sidewalk Cafe.

Which snaps are Herb's?

Blogger does not readily lend itself to captioning photos, and so, here is a handy guide to the key snaps on the blog:

01. My 3 Addictions: photo of Justin Remer by Herb Scher
02. Part 1: Food/03. Cheese Fries: photo of Elastic No-No Band by Herb Scher
06. Part 2: Movies/07. Woody Allen Surrogate (Kenneth Branagh's Blues): photo of Urban Barnyard by Herb Scher; Photo of John Houx by Eric Lippe

For more of Herb's snaps, check out his online collection of portraits and his Myspace page.

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