Everything you ever wanted to know about the new Elastic No-No Band album
MY 3 ADDICTIONS, but never bothered to ask.



My 3 Addictions is a concept album by Elastic No-No Band, recorded and mixed by Major Matt Mason USA.

You can purchase it as a CD now from Olive Juice Music (the online music shop that Major Matt runs), Antifolk.net, CD Baby, or Amazon.com. If you prefer your music not to be attached to tangible objects, the album is also available for intangible, ethereal download from iTunes.

The album is streaming RIGHT NOW! from this blog called "My 3 Addictions: An interactive album. It started on September 3, beginning with only the first song on that day, and a new song was added every other day until September 23, and now all 11 songs will stream forever (or until we become too poor to pay for the server).

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